Craft Beer Lovers,

Meet Growler Chill.



From Cask to Countertop, keep your growlers cold, fresh and on tap right at home!

At Growler Chill we have a true love for all things craft beer and we needed to solve the growler problem every craft beer drinker has. With so many craft beers to love, how could we make it easier to enjoy more of our favorites right from home?


Over the last year our design and engineering team has worked hard to develop this patented, innovative appliance that holds standard growlers and even extends your beer's life after opening.


No fuss, no mess and no transferring your delicious craft beer to a foreign container. And best of all, Growler Chill holds up to 3 growlers at a time! Whether you’re in the mood for your favorite IPA, a relaxing evening Stout or a crisp refreshing cider - worry no more because now with Growler Chill you can keep them all cold, on tap and ready to serve right from your countertop. With clean lines and a compact design committed to function, Growler Chill is sure to fit right in to your kitchen or home bar as the countertop appliance you can’t live without.

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You want to Know:

• Growler Chill is the first refrigerated countertap with patented innovations for

  standard growlers


• Growler Chill is a smart device, receive alerts and notifications on your smart phone.

     Growler Chill is so smart it will even let you know when your delicious craft beer is low

  and you need to grab a refill on the way home!


• It holds 3 standard growlers, 32 or 64 oz - you choose!


• It’s refrigerated, so your beer is always cold!


• Our patented CO2 system extends the life of your beer after opening


• It’s the size of your average toaster oven, so it fits nicely on your countertop


• Enjoy every drop of beer in your growler! One of our patented innovations eliminates

  almost all foam waste.


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