Growler Chill Adds Variety for the Beer Connoisseur

What is better than sitting down with one of your favorite craft beers from a growler? How about three different craft beers in one dispenser, so that you and your friends have more variety in your beer selection? The Growler Chill is here to make that happen for you. This innovative product allows you to store up to three different growlers in their refrigerated chiller. Wouldn’t it be great to have a choice of three different types of beer ready and available to your friends and family at social gatherings, or anytime that you want to relax or unwind?

With their innovative design, Growler Chill has responded to the breweries and beer drinkers’ needs for craft beer that is cold, fresh, and ready to serve. Wouldn’t you like to drink your favorite local brew without having to be concerned that the growler you bought this week has lost its freshness or gone stale? If you are like most craft beer enthusiasts, you would like to be able to sit down with your favorite beer – at any moment you choose. Every beer enthusiast knows that the beer in growlers can grow stale rather quickly. Having to consume the beer growler within a day or so of opening it is not ideal.

Growler Chill is the first refrigerated counter tap that keeps up to three varieties of craft beer cold and fresh and on tap right from the comfort of your own home! Growler Chill has the answer to your needs, as the company has developed a way to keep the effects of oxygen and loss of carbonation from altering each growler beer bottle. With Growler Chill’s unique design, the freshness of each growler is protected within the chill chambers. The newly-patented exterior feature, the Virginator, ensures the maximum freshness for your growlers by purging the oxygen before you place them inside the Growler Chill. One the bottles are inside, CO2 is maintained, so your growlers stay fresh for weeks. When you bring the full growler home from the brewer or bar, all you’d need to do is replace the cap with the ‘Magic Top Cap,’ and CO2 displaces any oxygen present in the bottle. This also prevents oxygen from causing off flavors in your beer. Once the growler bottle is inserted, a regulated pressure of CO2 dispenses your beer through the tap faucet.

For added features, you can control the temperature of your beer from your mobile device, and you can control the CO2 pressure with just a tap from any smart device.

Why Choose Growler Chill?

Growler Chill’s unique design solves the perishability problem, as beer in a growler now stays fresh for weeks! Also, the issue of only being able to enjoy one type of beer at a time, out of concern that the product will go stale and lose its robust flavor, is solved as well. Further, you can be sociable and enjoy your favorite beer in the comfort of your own home, with family and friends. As beer drinkers and breweries know, the standard glass growler is 64-ounces and is rather inexpensive, reusable, recyclable, and is legal in all 50 states. It is the most common way of bringing home the endless varieties of craft beer that are available only on tap, and not offered in bottles or cans at your local brewery. Growler Chill changes all that, as you can buy, and open, several varieties of beer growlers at a time, and they won’t go stale!

Variety is the Spice of Life

With thousands of craft breweries in the United States, it is common knowledge that the craft beer market is enormous. For instance, a beer can be a lager or ale, but beer lovers will tell you that depending on its flavor, color, and aroma, it can be one of any number of varieties, each having its unique characteristics. Although having a Growler Chill may have an advantage of increasing your social life! Like wine tasters, a beer connoisseur loves to be sociable and talk about their favorite beers and why they like them. There are endless varieties of beer out there that you can mix and match at your parties, social gatherings, or beer festivals. Does your best friend that is visiting you want a lager today? No problem. Does your relative that just arrived in town want an ale? No problem. With Growler Chill, you don’t have to choose only one growler. You can select three different growler beers at a time – ready to be dispensed at your home at any time. What could be better than that?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Growler Chill have any design that allows WiFi connection?

Yes! Growler Chill has been designed to connect to the Internet via WiFi, and you can download the FREE mobile app! The app allows users to control a different selection of Growler Chill features by mobile phones or tablets. The app will include features such as remote temperature control, beer volume tracker, history of beers loaded, and sanitizing cycle alerts. For example, if you want to know how much beer you have left on Tap 1, there are weight sensors in each chill chamber that give users a reading of the amount of beer remaining in each of the three growlers.

What are the cleaning requirements for the Growler Chill product?

Periodic cleaning for optimum performance is recommended for optimum performance of your Growler Chill. There are sanitization tablets and replacement beer lines (if needed) for ordering at You can simply use one of the sanitation tablets and run a full growler of room temperature water through the device for cleaning.

Is there a lot of foam waste from the beer when using this Growler Chill product?

No, that is the great thing about the Growler Chill! One of our patented innovations eliminates almost all foam waste, and all you are left with is beer! The bottles are placed inside Growler Chill inverted. By putting them upside down, this reduces foam waste and allows you to enjoy every drop of beer!

How large is the Growler Chill and is each container that fits in the machine a standard growler sized container?

The device measures 21 inches wide and 15 inches high. The Growler Chill is the size of your average toaster oven, and the compact design can fit well on any countertop in your home. It can comfortably fit under the standard 18” kitchen cabinet, in your home bar, or in an outdoor kitchen. The Growler Chill is compatible with both 64-ounce and 32-ounce standard, threaded cap, glass growlers. If you forget to take your growler with you to the brewery for a fill, it is not a problem as most breweries stock this standard growler.

If I like to brew my own beer, do you have any optional features?

Yes! If you are a homebrewer, we have an optimal cap for homebrewers who like to make unfiltered beer. This cap allows any sediment to fall to the neck of your growler, and allows you to enjoy every drop of your brew!

Does the Growler Chill keep out light and preserve the product well?

Yes! The interior of the Growler Chill doesn’t let any light in so there is no chance of bad tasting beer. The device also preserves the carbonation due to the 90-gram beverage-grade CO2 cartridge.

Is it true that the Growler Chill keeps the beer from getting stale? How long does it stay fresh in the growler with this product?

The innovative design can extend the life of the beer and can keep up to three beer growlers fresh for weeks when they are in the Growler Chill. It keeps the beer cold, dark, under pressure, and protected from oxygen.

Order Your Growler Chill

Now you have no excuse for not keeping a variety of high-quality beer on hand for yourself, your guests, and social events! Not only will the Growler Chill keep your guests entertained with a broader selection of beer readily available on tap, but you will be assured that the craft beer you serve will be cold and fresh! Order your Growler Chill today.