The user experience is simple and convenient.

When you bring the full growler home from the brewer, bar, or fill station, remove and replace the cap with our patent-pending quick connect “Magic Top Cap”. Insert into the Virginator, and in seconds any oxygen present in the headspace of the bottle is displaced by CO2. This prevents oxygen from causing off-flavors in your beer. Invert your growler and place in one of the three chill chambers. Once inserted, a regulated pressure of CO2 dispenses your beer through the tap faucet.

Growler Chill has been designed to connect to the Internet via WiFi. Download the FREE mobile app!

The app will allow users to control a selection of Growler Chill features by mobile phones or tablets. The app will include features such as remote temperature control, beer volume tracker, history of beers loaded and sanitizing cycle alerts. Want to know how much beer you have left on Tap 1? Weight sensors in each chill chamber give users a reading of the amount of beer remaining in each of the three growlers.

Supplies & Accessories

Growler Chill uses 90 gram beverage grade CO2 cartridges. These cartridges will serve approximately 9 growlers, including rinsing the lines between beer varieties. Replacement cartridges may be ordered through the Growler Chill website. We will also offer optional subscription plans for easy replenishment. If you are using our free app, you can track your usage and automated replenishment orders can be sent to you when your supply is running low.

Device Cleaning: Sanitization tablets and replacement beer lines (if needed) may be ordered at We recommend periodic cleaning for optimum performance. Simply use one of our sanitation tablets, and run a full growler of room temperature water through the device for cleaning.




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