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A Beertime Story

Twas weeks before christmas, and all through the brew
The elves worked overtime but still weren’t quite through
The growlers were nestled on the desktops so neat
as engineers tested faucets to make it complete

Craft beer lovers everywhere wait patiently
for this magical device that holds not 1 growler but 3
Fresh for weeks, with little to no foam waste
a variety of craft beer at home, soon they will taste

January 26th Growler Chill preorders begin
Naughty or not, I’ll be ordering yours then
This is my promise, the perfect Christmas gift
A Grower Chill countertap, with your name on it!

Now Pilsner! Now Lager! Now, Cider and Stout!
On, Porter! On Brown Ale! and IPA, no doubt!
From the top of the tap! to the bottom of your glass!
Cheers to you all, may January come fast.