Smart-Home Appliances: Growler Chill Edition

Growler Chill – Smart Fridge for Growlers

Smart home appliances are designed to keep up with our fast-paced lives by being more convenient and ultimately a more efficient way to live. While there are many benefits of smart home appliances like energy efficiency, safety, to even just providing a more convenient way to live, smart home appliances have revolutionized the home experience and it will not be long until a smart home is a standard for all homes.

Smart home appliances are growing more and more popular every day. These smart appliances are convenient, efficient, and are designed to make our lives easier. In today’s technology climate, it is easy to take advantage of benefits that technology offers.

Before long, every major appliance in the standard home will likely be a smart home appliance in some form or fashion. From refrigerators, thermostats, to an individual electrical outlet, smart home appliances are becoming the new standard. These smart appliances allow users to monitor almost any device in their house from their phones. At Growler Chill, we are on board with this technology movement and are taking advantage of this technology and innovation to offer craft beer lovers a better and more efficient way to enjoy great craft beer from their own kitchen.

Craft breweries and homebrews are also becoming more and more popular as well. We want to help local brewers and breweries sell more beer by solving the “growler problem” – it is often difficult to chill a growler, and the beer often goes flat if not consumed quickly. That’s what led us to create Growler Chill, which solves these problems. We have engineered everything needed to extend the life of a growler into one device and we took our design a step further by making it a smart fridge, compatible with any smartphone or tablet.

How It Works

Growler Chill is a household counter tap that holds three standard 32 ounce or 64 ounce threaded cap growlers. Growler Chill recreates keg conditions to give drinkers a keg quality beer. Growler Chill has a self-contained fridge unit, which replicates the exact condition the beer was in the keg by being cold, dark, and oxygen-free. Growler Chill prevents flatness in beers with a provided internal CO2 supply that uses CO2 canisters. We enhanced the project with modern technology and connectivity in order to create a design that is not only a more efficient way to drink growlers, but also a device that utilizes technology in order to make lives easier.

We understand how important the smart home appliance movement has become and we want to make it easier for local brewers and breweries to sell and share their beer without forfeiting the benefits and features of a smart home appliance. Growler Chill offers brew lovers a simple, easy-to-use smart beer fridge resulting in brews you can enjoy that maintain the taste just as the brewer intended right from your very own home.

Growlers are a great way to easily transport draught beer, bring home beer from a local brewery, or even share your own homebrew. However, growlers can often turn stale after a few days due to not being properly pressurized. Growler Chill solves this problem by creating perfect keg-like conditions for three individual growlers at a time. With Growler Chill, long gone are the days of compromising over one growler to drink at a time. Now you can choose up to three growlers to have on tap without the fear of any of them going stale or losing their freshness.

Before Growler Chill, beer brought home in growlers had to be consumed in just a few days or else the beer would lose the original taste because of the negative effects that oxygen has on the beer and the loss of carbonization. Growler Chill extends the life of your growlers for up to three weeks by keeping them cold, dark, under proper CO2 pressure, and away from oxygen. Growler Chill also offers craft beer lovers the luxury of enjoying three growlers at once. The Growler Chill eliminates your craft beer’s short shelf life while also allowing you to enjoy not one, but three cold and fresh growlers at once.

Smart Fridge Technology

Growler Chill is a countertop tap that not only keeps your growler cold and pressurized but also connects to Wi-Fi, turning your tap into a smart home appliance. Growler Chill can connect to its very own smartphone app through Wi-Fi. The Growler Chill app includes the following features:

  • Remote temperature control– This smart fridge allows you to monitor and change the temperature of each insulated chill chamber from your smartphone or tablet. This feature allows you to monitor your fridge on the go or from anywhere.
  • Beer volume tracker– Built-in weight sensors in each insulated chill chamber allow you to track the amount of beer remaining in each of the three growlers. You can easily view how much beer is left in each growler from your smartphone or tablet. Growler Chill will also alert you when your beer is low and you need to refill.
  • History of past brews– Not only does the Growler Chill display the current beers on tap, it also allows you to browse your past brews on the app. The smart fridge allows you to keep track of the present and past beers you have had in the Growler Chill.
  • Sanitation cycle alerts– We know that while you are busy enjoying your cold craft beer, you are not concerned about when you are going to clean your Growler Chill next. However, this smart fridge will notify you when you should clean your fridge. Although the fridge does not clean itself, it is as simple as running a growler full of water with a sanitation tab through the device.

What is the “Growler Problem”?

We listened to craft beer brewers and drinkers and created our innovative smart fridge to solve the growler problem. Now craft brewers and craft beer lovers can bring home growlers without having to worry about their short shelf life anymore.

Craft beer is sometimes not offered in cans or bottles, and growlers are the easiest way to transport and buy craft brews. A growler is often the only way for your favorite craft brews to be brought home. They are becoming more and more popular, and we want craft beer lovers to be able to get the most out of each growler, whether that is getting every last drop throughout foam eliminating technology or simply just enjoying the carefully brewed taste, just as the brewer intended.

Once a growler has been brought home, the beer an in unopened, chilled growler is good for around seven days. Sadly, once the growler has been opened, the beer begins to go flat and stale within two or three days. We believe that buying beer in a growler should be easier than having to plan exactly when you are going to drink it due to the short shelf life. We created the Growler Chill as a smart fridge to easily allow you to extend the average shelf life by recreating craft brew tap conditions such as proper pressurization and cold, dark insulated temperatures.

The point of a growler is to get the freshest beer straight from the source such as homebrew or craft beer from a brewery. Without a Growler Chill, craft brew lovers risk the quality of their beer being lost to the short shelf life of an opened growler.

This smart beer fridge ultimately saves money. Because the Growler Chill extends the life of each growler by keeping it properly pressurized and cold, craft beer lovers can have up to three growlers on tap without worrying about any of them going stale. The days of having to drink a growler within the first two or three days of bringing it home are over!

Preorder Your Growler Chill Today

The smart home is the future of home technology, and here at Growler Chill, we want to be on the front lines of this innovation. Our countertop tap is simply designed to make craft beer lovers’ lives easier. By being able to monitor your growler chill from your smartphone or tablet, the Growler Chill increases overall convenience. Our design extends the average freshness of a standard growler while allowing brew lovers to choose up to three growlers to have on tap at any given time. We had our customers in mind when designing this smart fridge. We created an easy-to-use, no fuss smart fridge to make our customers’ lives easier. Growler Chill utilizes technology in a way to benefit the customer to make their lives more efficient while allowing them to enjoy craft beer. We are leaving behind the inconvenience of the past and presenting craft beer lovers with a smart fridge for their growlers. Click here to preorder your Growler Chill today!